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Saraj, Tripoli, Libya Real Estate,  ID Ref #997
Rent fee per 1 month: 10 000 LD Available from: 12.12.2011  Send to a friend
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About Real Estate
Location:  Libya Real Estate,  Tripoli,  Saraj
Rent fee
per 1 month: 
10 000 LD, Price negotiating is possible
Available from:  12.12.2011 View via calendar
Property type:  Villa
Year built:  2008
Number of bedrooms:  7
Number of bathrooms:  4
Garage:  4 cars
Living space:  400 m2
Total area:  800 m2
The area of the land/lot:  1000 m2
Floors total:  2 floors
Accomodations:  Garden, Jacuzzi, Pool
Appliances:  Air conditioning

Additional comment:  11-029
About us
Name: Nabil
Surname: Ali
Company name: LibyanKey
Company logo or agent photo:
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